At Peejey smart we have all types of Laptop casings in stock and are ready to replace or repair your broken, cracked faulty laptop. Casings are high quality and with a new one your laptop will be as good as new

As we are repairing the laptop casing / bodies for a long time —Thus, we never believe in throwing impaired lappy and buy novel one. At full computer solutions, there are teams of the most knowledgeable professionals to assist you whether your laptop body is partially or completely damage. We can help you out to repair it. In some cases the conditions are too deplorable and impossible but it would not take a lot of money to get it fix. However you can discuss the details of what the issues you have and what you wish for.

Laptop body replacement cost for all brands such as- Dell, HP, Acer, Samsung, Apple Mac, Asus, Compaq, IBM, Lenovo, LG, Sony VAIO, and Toshiba will surely amaze you when you approach to us for the repair. We deal with all brand laptop issues either they need physical or component fix. We never take charge for call-outs. Reason, we personally believe you should not be charged for nominal issue.

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