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Webcam is a Camera which is connected to a computer; it captures still or motion videos, with the help of software. It can also transmit video and images on internet in real time. Nowadays, most webcams are either embedded into the display with laptop or computers or connected to the USB or FireWire port to be accessible. A webcam does not have an internal storage of its own. Different types of camera are being used by different people. Similarly, there are different types of cameras with different functionalities and resolutions. The webcam industry has evolved over time from very low image resolution webcams to 8K resolution with technology still evolving. The most widely webcams in the kenyan market are 720P i.e. HD webcam and 1080p FHD webcams, though as the technology is advancing most users are now preferring 4K webcams like Logitech Brio. It is a no brainer that logitech webcams are the market leader in this space taking most of the webcam market share in Kenya. Logiecth webcams are reliable and are priced well hence their success. There other brands like HP, a4tech and rapoo webcams which are coming up quite well. Buy webcams online at a best price from Glantix. Webcams for sale and get the best webcams in Kenya. Logitech C922 Webcam with Tripod Stand Logitech C505 HD Webcam Logitech brio 4K Ultra HD Webcam Logitech B525 HD Webcam