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We offer a wide range of Printers & Accessories from top brands such as HP, Canon, and Epson, so you can find the perfect printer for your needs. Whether you need a printer for your home office or a commercial printer in Kenya for your business, we have a variety of options to choose from. We provide printers with different features such as 3 in 1 Printers, printers with Wifi capability, monochrome printers, color printers and cheap printers in Nairobi Kenya

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HP, Brother, Canon, Kyocera, Epson printers for sale at competitive prices in Nairobi, Kenya from Peejey smart printer shop. We are printer dealers in Kenya having partnered with printer suppliers in Kenya. We have a wide variety ranging from inkjets, desk jets, office jets, laser jets, dot matrix printers and many more. Call us today or shop online for a same day delivery.

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Printers are an essential tool for most businesses and households, allowing us to easily produce documents, photos, and other materials. However, printers rely only on various supplies to function correctly, and it’s crucial to understand what supplies you need and how to identify genuine products. At Dove Computers we stock the most common printer supplies, including printer cables, imaging drums, tapes, and printer paper at the best prices in Kenya.
Types of printer supplies : 
Ink cartridges : Ink cartridges are used in inkjet printers and contain ink that is used to print text and images on paper. They are available in different colors and page yields. Toner cartridges : Toner cartridges are used in laser printers and contain toner powder that is used to print text and images on paper. They are available in black and color and have varying page yields. Drum units : Drum units are used in laser printers and work in conjunction with toner cartridges to create the image that is printed on the paper. They are typically replaced less frequently than toner cartridges. Maintenance kits : Maintenance kits include various components such as rollers and fuser units that are needed to keep the printer functioning properly. They are typically used in laser printers. Paper : Printer paper is available in various sizes and weights and can be used in both inkjet and laser printers. Different types of paper, such as photo paper or card stock, are also available for specific printing needs. Labels : Labels are sheets of adhesive paper that can be printed on and used for various purposes, such as shipping labels or product labeling. Print heads : Print heads are used in some inkjet printers and contain tiny nozzles that spray ink onto the paper. They are typically built into the ink cartridge and are replaced when the cartridge is replaced. How to buy genuine  HP, Epson, Canon, printer supplies in Nairobi Kenya Using genuine printer supplies is essential for maintaining the quality and performance of your printer. Here are a few ways to tell genuine supplies from fake ones: Check the packaging : Genuine printer supplies usually come in branded packaging with logos and trademarks. Look for spelling errors or inconsistent branding, which could be signs of fake products. Look for security features : Many printer manufacturers use security features, such as holograms or serial numbers, to identify genuine products. Check the packaging or the product itself for any security features. Buy from authorized dealers. To ensure that you are purchasing printer supplies, buy from authorized dealers of   HP, Epson, Canon ,Kyocera and Brother printer supplies in Nairobi Kenya Buy genuine HP, Canon, Brother and Kyocera printer supplies in Nairobi Kenya and get countrywide delivery.