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Buy Kaspersky antivirus and internet security available at lowest – competitive prices in Nairobi, Kenya from peejey smart , we have partnered with Kaspersky distributors in Kenya to ensure competitive Kaspersky antivirus prices in Kenya .

Kaspersky Software in Kenya

Protects you from Viruses, Trojan Horses, Spyware and more.

The data that are on your PC does not have a price. With hundreds of new malicious programs, cybercriminals go online each day, you need a security solution that protects you against the latest threats. This award-winning security solution based on the cloud and protects your PC everything you store against the latest cyber threats.

Preserves the performance of your PC.

You need a security solution designed to work in the background to protect your PC without affecting performance. Our developers do their utmost to ensure optimum protection while preserving the performance of your PC. You will enjoy your computer safely.

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Simplifies Online Security Management.

No one wants to waste time to become familiar with a complex security system. If the security software you use is difficult to set up and run, your PC could be seriously endangered. Thanks to your My Kaspersky free, you can manage your security with ease, via the Internet. You can check the security status and license each device and address key security settings.


When communicating electronically, phishing is a constant threat. Sometimes it’s obvious, contact out of the blue that seems to be from someone from your distant past with no greeting, just a suspicious link. Sometimes it seems to be a note from your bank, something so urgent your critical-thinking skills short-circuit and you click through to a fake site that steals your real banking credentials. Regardless of the phishing scheme, Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security help stop malicious websites from capturing personal information, stealing your identity, and stealing your money. The advanced ant phishing protection works for PC, Mac, and Android.


Take every danger out there for adults and multiply it by kids’ naïveté and disregard for consequences to get an idea of how much trouble kids can innocently find in the digital world. Because there are so many dangers for children, we include a powerful tool called Safe Kids with Kaspersky Internet Security 2023.  Safe Kids includes inappropriate content filtering for safe surfing, limiting of online activities, and even GPS tracking to help keep your kids safe.

Reasons to buy

  • Easy to install
  • Affordable

Blocks the latest viruses, ransomware, spyware, crypto lockers & more – and helps stop cryptocurrency mining malware damaging your PC’s performance.

  • Delivers real-time antivirus protection.
  • Blocks ransomware, crypto lockers & more.
  • Prevents crypto mining malware infections.
  • Lets your PC perform as it’s designed to.

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