Apple Leading dealer in Nairobi Kenya

Apple is a technology company that is renowned for its innovative and cutting-edge products. Over the years, Apples has released numerous products, ranging from smartphones to  MacBook pro 2019, smartwatches, and more.

Peejey smart solutions are authorized Apples resellers in Kenya that sell a wide range of genuine Apples products, including iPhones 12 , AirPods,Battery , Adapters Magsafe 2 and more. You can get Apples products at select peejeysmart  across Kenya or shop online for home/office delivery.

Apple leading repair shop in Kenya

As authorized Apples repair { iphone 13 screen ,Battery and cover )and resellers,  ensure that all the products we sell are genuine and come with Apple warranty. This means that you can trust that any Apples product MacBook Air A1278 keyboard you purchase from them is authentic and will provide you with the quality and functionality you expect from an Apples product.

Below are some of the latest Apples products you can find at peejey smart stores in Kenya.

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