Infinix dealers shop in Kenya

Infinix phones for sale in Kenya at significantly competitive prices in Nairobi, Kenya from Peejey smart. We are infinixS phone dealers in Kenya offering same day delivery.

Affordability in prices for budget phones to mid-range phones, and variety in shape & style, color, and performance make Infinixs a great mobile phone brand in Kenya. Genuine Infinixs accessories such as fast chargers, earbuds, earphones, BT speakers, and headphones are all available at affordable prices.

Infinix repair shop in Kenya.

If you are looking out for Infinixs Mobile repair service in Nairobi

Screen ,Batteries ,Motherboard repair etc.

We can also arrange professional mail in/ courier services and same day pickup and delivery services for those who cannot bring their faulty InfinixS phones to our Nairobi repair center.

we can repair all kinds of hardware and software issues in our INFINIXs mobile repair shop to run it again like a Pro.

Visit Peejey smart today or browse our selection of Infinix phones and accessories .

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