Frequently Asked Questions About Sk Hynix and its Products in Kenya

Where can I buy Sk Hynix products online at the lowest price in the Kenya?

HYNIX Desktop RAM DDR3L 4GB 1600 – SAM D DDR3L 4GB 1600

The SkHynix Desktop RAM DDR3L 4GB 1600 is a type of computer memory module that is designed for use in desktop computers. It has a capacity of 4GB and a clock speed of 1600MHz.

The “DDR3L” in the name stands for “Double Data Rate 3 Low Voltage”, which refers to the type of memory technology used in the module. DDR3L is a low-voltage version of DDR3 memory that uses less power than standard DDR3 modules, making it more energy-efficient.

This RAM module is designed to be installed in a desktop computer’s memory slot and is compatible with motherboards that support DDR3L memory. It can be used to upgrade the amount of memory in a computer or to replace a faulty or outdated memory module.

Overall, the SKHYNIX Desktop RAM DDR3L 4GB 1600 is a reliable and efficient memory module that can improve the performance of a desktop computer

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